About Canvas Academy

Canvas Academy is dedicated to teaching young artists how to create incredible art using simple computers, free software, and a tablet. As an online art centre, we provide a platform for young artists to develop their skills, connect with other artists, and learn from our experienced mentors. We believe that art is a learnable language, not an innate talent bestowed by the gods of anime. With dedication, passion, and practice under the guidance of our mentors, you can achieve a level of proficiency that will feel natural. What you do with that knowledge is entirely up to you.

2024 Workshops on offer

Email us for the 2024 brochure, more information on Canvas Academy and our different workshop requirements, as well as outcomes.Email: tumi@dcacademy.co.za


The Intro to Digital Drawing & Painting Workshops are aimed at artist aged 14 and above who wish to spend their high school days or gap year learning art principles that underpin the digital art industry.  These classes aid in transitioning traditional artists to digital art using helpful principles & processes as well as the technical aspect of computers and drawing tablets.  Principles such as preliminary sketching, shape based drawing and perspective drawing will be covered as part of the drawing modules.  Students will go on to learn about colour and digital painting covered in the painting modules.

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing" - Walt Disney.

It is this line of thinking that inspire what happens in our classes, a lot of attention is paid on practicing and experimenting using the correct techniques proving to be the tried and tested way of learning digital art.

Check out the different workshop options that we have to offer:

Online workshops

We have an extensive bouquet of exciting digital art video and jpeg tutorials supported by simple literature to introduce our beginners to digital arts and foundations of art, for every single week in 2 months. Our Online pre-recorded intro to digital art is by far one of the best ways to learn Digital art online. Our designated mentors will guide learners through the material while giving every single learner attention through video feedback on their artworks. The Live intermediate workshops are in-depth, interactive, and designed to upskill our beginners or anyone with the basics of digital art. Please download the course brochure to learn more about the workshop.

Workshop Dates

    Introduction to Form

Course Duration:  2 Months
Weekly Lessons-Assignments-feedback

Class FormA:  01 Feb  - 31 Mar

Class FormB:  01 Apr - 31 May

Class FormC:    01 Jun - 31 Jul 

Class FormD:    01 Aug - 30 Sep 

Class FormE:     01 Oct  - 30 Nov 

Class FormF:     01 Dec - 31 Jan 


  Introduction to Human-Figure

Course Duration:  2 Months
Weekly Lessons-Assignments-feedback

Class FigureA:    01 Jan - 28 Feb

Class FigureB:     01 Mar - 30 Apr

Class FigureC:    01 May - 30 Jun

Class FigureD:     01 Jul - 31 Aug 

Class FigureE:      01 Sep - 31 Oct 

Class FigureF:      01 Nov  - 31 Dec


Some of the awesome artworks that our talented alumni created during a course with us


What our alumni had to say

Where To Find Us

All the ways to get a hold of us


110 Conrad drive, Craighall Park, 2196
+27 60 643 0810


The Animation Scool - Craighall
110 Conrad Drive, Craighall Park, Randburg 2196

Cape Town

The Animation School - Woodstock
42 Searle Street, Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa, 7925


Our passionate mentors will guide you through every workshop


Canvas Rabobi, was a specialized, sponsored, one-month program for talented, traditional artists in townships who had designed their own comic book using any traditional medium. The program trained traditional, visual artists in digital art and drawing for animation; to produce a professional comic book as means of transitioning into any ‘4th industrial revolution’ career such as animation. This program was a free Workshop sponsored by the GFC and took place in 2019.

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A bursary program in 2019 that was aimed at High School students in townships sponsored by the NFVF

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Kasi-Sketchbook club

The Kasi-Sketchbook outreach program aims to create township drawing-clubs that will encourage young artists to sketch their “worlds” daily inside their sponsored Kasi-sketchbooks.  This outreach program is a collective effort from CANVAS Academy and accomplished artists who themselves have experienced success through drawing.

The Kasi-sketchbook event and competition that takes place annually, recently partnered with the XP-Pen foundation who sponsored each of the 3 winners with a 'Star 06' Wireless Tablet, to encourage the financially disadvantaged youth in our townships to explore the eclectic world of digital art.

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CANVAS in the media, a comprehensive overview of who we are and what we do.