The Future of Art

If the future is digital art; is there still space for traditional art in our world?

Both traditional and digital have their own place and use and can be utilized in conjunction with each other. We at CANVAS for instance use traditional art like sketching on paper or in a book as a way to quickly convey an idea and plan for an artwork or design, and then convert the sketch to the digital space to render the artwork in a more detailed and polished manner and to have the ability to reproduce the artwork for different platforms (social media, printing) after that.

One also has a better understanding of traditional art mediums if you have used and experimented with them before and would then know how to best utilize them in the digital space.

Traditional artworks will never become obsolete as long as people have an interest in buying or owning something beautiful that has been interpreted by someone. Digital art could also be seen as just another medium that adds onto the practice of recreating something that an artist finds meaningful;  and therefore wouldn’t cancel out another simply for existing.