Traditional vs. Digital art

I thought ‘Art is Art’?

What is ‘Traditional’- and ‘Digital’ art?


Here are some of the major differences that help simply explain the 2 concepts:

Traditional Art can best be described as physical art that is made in the ‘traditional’ sense, using traditional / physical mediums such as paper, pencil, paint, charcoal, sculpture, etc. Basically – anything you can touch or hold in the physical world (like a drawing in a sketchbook or a painting on a canvas) as well as the fact that it can’t be easily reproduced (without completely starting from scratch) and is “one of a kind”.

Digital Art is the simulation of traditional mediums used to make artwork through the use of a computer and software. The art you create digitally does not exist in the physical world, but rather in a digital space and thus gives you the option to edit, change and reproduce the artworks as many times as you please. Another big difference with digital is that the simulation of any medium is available to you at a click of a button and is easily interchangeable; instead of having many different mediums such as charcoal, paint and clay with you in the same space and having to alternate between them. If you are using a ‘pencil’ preset while drawing digitally and want to switch over to a ‘paintbrush’ preset you do so by simply selecting a different option.


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