Why choose Digital Art?

There are many reasons to adapt to changing times and the technology that goes along with it and one could argue that the fact that the practice of digital art exists and is growing in popularity means that is where the market is growing toward.

It’s easy to say that technology is the future, however when you’ve experimented with digital innovations you almost always find that it makes your life easier in some way – or maybe even in big ways, that cause you to never look back.  When you unlock the endless possibilities that digital art has to offer it’s hard to switch back. And when you deal with clients or companies or even social media that demands constant changes and updates and easy access to files it’s even harder to justify doing things ‘the old way’.

For example; if you are creating a design for a client on a physical piece of paper and want to send it through to them for comments and feedback, you first need to scan the work before uploading and sending. Then, should the client require changes to the design you have to physically alter what you have created on that piece of paper or start completely from scratch on a new piece of paper (and re-scan, upload and send).

Whereas if you were drawing the design on a computer you simply save out the file in the desired format, upload and send; and when you need to apply changes, you open up the original file you were working in and through the use of layers you can alter the design without restarting or losing your progress (simply save again and upload to send, etc).

To summarise; we use and advocate for digital because the modern world requires a much faster and fluid creation process that is not as quickly achievable through traditional mediums as it is through digital.