Hardware & Tools for Digital Art

Here are some things necessary and what we recommend for your traditional to digital art career.

Just because we are teaching digital does not mean you won’t need traditional mediums ever again. There will always be a place in the process for sketching, drafting and planning, observing and traditional artworks in general; for that you will need:

  • Sketchbook[s] (Multiple books can be used for different ideas / workflows)
  • Pencils / Pens / Paints / Any other traditional mediums to get your ideas across

In the digital space, especially as you’re starting out you don’t need the best and newest technology to ensure you learn to the max and create awesome work in the process. In order to start making digital art you need:

  • A computer
    – Laptop /
    – PC (relatively new – something bought or updated in the last 5 years, doesn’t need the best specs)
  • Drawing Tablet
    – Wacom
    -/ XP-Pen
    -/ iPad*

*iPad’s are a great tool to have handy; however in our classes most of our students don’t have access to these devices so we teach on computers using drawing tablets.

  • Drawing Software
    – Krita*
    – /Procreate
    -/Sketchpad Pro
    -/Photoshop, etc.

*Krita is a free drawing software that we use at Canvas Academy. It’s free to download and install and is highly optomised for digital drawing and painting. Photoshop or most of the other programs available online are great for the same use, but don’t always have a free option.

When it comes to drawing tablets, just like any other hardware, you get different levels or ranges of products; from more cost-effective options to super high-end.  It’s easy to start off with the cheaper options and work your way up so that it doesn’t financially cripple you.

Have a look at these tried and trusted options that have worked for our school and team in the past as a starting point (however please note we are not sponsored by or working with these platforms):